A mid-week dinner date at Stix and Stones

An after work dinner date with the girls makes for a fun mid-week treat but it often presents a familiar dilemma – where will we eat?

Last month an importune get-together was hastily arranged and there was no such dilemma as we all suggested Stix and Stones, a steak and seafood restaurant on Belfast’s Upper Queen Street. Continue reading

I would do anything for Meatloaf, but I won’t do that

Back in my younger years the old tapes played out on long car journeys and while Bananarama was a firm favourite the parents also inflicted Daniel O’Donnell style country music upon my ears.

(For younger readers or those not familiar with rural Irish colloquialisms, ‘tapes’ refer to cassette tapes a popular method of playing music before the invention of CDs and downloads.)

Meatloaf - The Singer

Meatloaf – The Singer

One voice though truly captivated me and had the ability to capture the heartache, woe and sometimes scorn the words described… it could almost make you Read Em And Weep. It is of course the original Bat Out Of Hell – Mr Meatloaf himself – I am writing about. Continue reading