A not so Christmasy Christmas Chocolate Cake

Christmas is upon us again and it is the season to over-indulge and eat, drink, spend and be merry.

Sadly this Christmas I am unable to over-egg any puddings as an ‘unfortunate incident’ involving broken glass and my ring finger has rendered me unable to bake; on the plus side though I have been given a reprieve from the usual Christmas dinner ‘donkey work’ of peeling and chopping vegetables en masse. Continue reading

A Michelin Star evening at Aniar Restaurant

Last month the other half and I visited Galway to catch up with some old friends and to dine at Aniar Restaurant, the city’s first Michelin star restaurant.

You might think travelling cross-country from Belfast to Galway for dinner sounds extravagant and ordinarily this food blogger does not live the high life dining in Michelin Star restaurants, but he had received a rather generous work bonus and I had some sway in spending it. Continue reading