Summer Food Festival has something for everyone

What is traditional Irish food?

Potatoes or cabbage might spring to mind and while flavoured rapeseed oil and almond butter does not exactly roll of the tongue when considering typical Irish fare, these were a few of the products on offer at the Taste of Summer food festival in Belfast.

The sun was shining on Saturday, August 9 as local food and drink traders set up stalls in Saint Anne’s Square granting the public a rare opportunity to buy directly from producers. Continue reading

The Masterchef invention test… a pilot run

I had asked the other half to leave pork chops out of the freezer before going to work.

It was breadline Thursday and the cupboards were bare. Defrosting the pork chops was a significantly important task, and the significance was clearly emphasised.

Later that morning I received a message, “I forgot to leave the pork chops out, sorry love”, it said.

I started to panic and my stomach rumbled thinking about the starvation that awaited me. Continue reading