Who’s Doing The Dishes?

From Masterchef to Come Dine With Me and more recently The Taste, participant based cookery shows are plentiful in the TV schedules. Last week ITV aired its latest offering – Who’s Doing The Dishes? – where four contestants work as a team across five-days to guess the identity of their celebrity host. Continue reading

Giacomo’s Pizza

Giacomo’s Pizza an Italian restaurant on Belfast’s Malone Road has received rave reviews; fresh pizza dough is prepared daily and the dishes are authentic Italian fare.

Owner Seamus McElroy opened the restaurant 15-months-ago, and tripadvisor has ranked Giacomo’s  in Belfast’s top 25 restaurants list.

I caught up with Seamus, an Omagh native who now lives in Belfast, to chat about his role as “restaurant owner, operator, cook and general dogs body”. Continue reading

Defy the changing seasons with an Autumn Barbeque

The summer has officially ended, but September has been dry and mostly sunny thus far. Forecasters suggest this good spell of weather might continue, and maybe we are on course for a late Indian summer…well as Indian as an Irish summer can be.

I am a winter girl, the season best suits my off-white skin and cold demeanour. Yet this year I am not ready to let go of summer and as a final act of defiance against the changing seasons will fire up the barbeque one more time.

I implore you all to join me and sample my tried and tested creations. Continue reading