OK I confess. I am Michelle Loughran, an aspiring journalist and home cook, not a Michelin Star chef.

The only stars bestowed upon me are those awarded in my dreams… I own a country pub and create rustic, flavoursome fare that food lovers (and Michelin inspectors) travel far and wide to taste, but that’s a story for another day.

I am a budding home chef who revels when they get it right and admits when it is horribly wrong, lemon cheesecake and I are not friends.

Intent on developing my culinary skills to fulfil my destiny of becoming Masterchef champion ‘2000 and something’ (this precedes head chef and proprietor of a country pub, yes there are many dreams); on this blog I will share my favourite recipes, tips and the odd disaster story for balance.



Note to reader

  • As previously stated I am not a professional cook and rarely follow a recipe by the book.
  • I detest garlic and replace it with a less potent member of the onion family, usually the humble onion or a shallot.
  • Exact measurements of weight or time are not really my thing (writing down the recipe has been the hardest part of this process).

Why then have you started a food blog with recipes, I hear you ask?

Don’t stop reading, I really can cook. I implore you to remember this is merely a guide, (Delia Smith I am not), but combined with culinary nous your food will surely taste just as good as mine.

Feel free to add your own touches and suggestions for improvements are welcome… providing it’s not “add garlic”.



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