Christmas cupcakes

Unfortunately my cookery skills are limited to savoury dishes and I lack the lightness of touch, precision (and patience) required to excel with the sweet stuff.

Last Valentine’s Day I had planned the perfect three course meal for the other half. The chorizo starter and chicken, bacon and leek pie which followed turned out really well, but I had to withdraw my lemon and ginger cheesecake from the menu when the mixture curdled.

I wasn’t aware cheesecake topping could curdle but apparently over whisking will do just that.

Thankfully my sister Louise is the baker of the family and regularly provides us with the sweet fix we need.

This is her recipe for Christmas cupcakes so embrace your inner artist and give this festive decorating a go during the holiday season. The cupcake recipe is cross seasonal and can be used any time. Continue reading

Dicing an onion: The professional way


Have you ever watched a cookery show and wondered how do chefs finely dice an onion without it falling to pieces on the chopping board?
It has certainly intrigued me and with some careful research and practice I have finally mastered the art of dicing an onion the professional way. Continue reading