The Mother Sauces

Culinary experts suggest that mastering the five mother sauces of French cuisine is an essential skill for one to be truly considered a good cook.

In the early 1800s noted French chefs, Marie-Antonie Carême and Auguste Escoffier catered for Europe’s royalty and elite and created five primary sauces which form the basis for most other sauces… although I am guessing HP and Ketchup are exceptions to this rule.

On my quest to become a truly good cook (and one day culinary expert), I am setting myself the mother of all challenges; mastering all five sauces.

Admittedly the words ‘classical’ and ‘French’ frighten me, but looking at the list of my fears have been somewhat alleviated…

Five Mother Sauces:

  • Béchamel
  • Velouté
  • Espagnole
  • Hollandaise
  • Tomate

Already I can make Tomato, Béchamel and possibly an Espagnole – this seems to be a brown roux and sounds like a fancy name for gravy.

Over the next few weeks this section will be updated with a recipe for each of the sauces allowing you all to chart my progress from amateur gravy maker to master sauce creator.


Brazilian Cheese Balls

Just over four-weeks ago, on Thursday June 12 to be exact, my other half returned from work and announced, “I have a fever”.

It is well documented men often over-react and inflate the severity of an illness, a slight cough threatens to become flu (of the man variety) and a stomach upset could be the re-emergence of the black death which means statements like ‘I have a fever’ are greeted sceptically.

IMG_0583 (2)

Brazilian Cheese Balls

However before Christmas my scepticism was tested when one of ‘Alan’s ailments’ was actually shingles and bearing this in mind I asked what are the symptoms of this fever?  Do you have a temperature, a cold sweat?

No was the answer.

Quite perplexed by the response I asked what kind of fever do you think it is Yellow, Q or Typhoid?

“World Cup fever”, I was informed as his eyes rolled at my inability to diagnosis this one-hour before the opening ceremony.

I am a ‘keen football fan’ (my go to statement when asked “What sports do you like?”) but not a feverish one, and happy to embrace the World Cup spirit decided to try my hand at making some Brazilian inspired half-time delights. Continue reading