Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

My grandmother was an excellent rhubarb jam maker; in granny’s house there was often a big saucepan of jam sitting on the counter ready to be spooned on to homemade soda bread.

I haven’t sampled that beloved jam in a good few years now and while there are decent versions available to buy it is hard to beat the home made variety and I have become a fairly good rhubarb jam maker myself – well at least me and my mother think so.

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When life gives you lemons – make lemon curd jam

Lemon is my favourite flavour and I really love the tang and bitterness (not sure what this says about me as an individual) it leaves on the palate from cakes to sorbets and in savoury sauces.

Before going to school I remember taking the pot of Robertson’s lemon curd jam from the fridge and spreading it on my toast, but then one sad day Robertson’s stopped making lemon curd jam. Continue reading

The best thing since sliced bread

‘Fred, there’s no bread’ was a familiar slogan anyone as young as myself will recall from the Spar advert that aired during the 1980s.

Growing up in this decade, prior to the newsflash that a carb rich diet produced an expansive waistline, bread figured heavily on the menu from a slice of toast at breakfast to a lunchtime sandwich.

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