Festive indulgence – a tradition to be preserved in this crazy year of new norms

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when catching up with family and friends, parties, and decadent food and drinks are usually enjoyed with a generous dollop of festive cheer.

In these uncertain times none of this can be taken for granted and 2020 has become a year many would prefer to forget.

In these strange times lockdowns don’t just happen in gritty prison dramas, social distancing is much more than avoiding an ex at a mutual friend’s birthday party, and pandemic planning caused a run on toilet roll, paracetamol and baking powder.

While 2020 has been tough for everyone, I personally had many reasons to be thankful, welcoming my beautiful baby boy into this crazy world back in March.

I have also developed a few other skills along the way, learning to cut my husband’s hair and becoming a novice baker, although the shock of having a little person to look after and sleep deprivation meant anything homemade was laden with sugar.  

In some ways I was fortunate to be cocooned in my maternity bubble, not going to work in a hospital or supermarket, yet that hasn’t made this time any less strange, confusing or lonely. I miss spending quality time with my relatives and friends.

We can all laugh now about the senselessness of hoarding toilet roll and as 2020 nears its conclusion, and with new vaccines in development, hopefully things can only get better.

So with the festive season around the corner and my husband giving me a short reprieve from parent duties, the time has come to share some new recipes with you all, the theme is baked goods – a term used loosely – and sweet treats.

There is no doubt this Christmas will be very different and we all need to take extra care, but in a time of great uncertainty, a little festive indulgence is an ‘old norm’ we should all do our best to cling on to!

First up is my recipe for apple and cinnamon scones.

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